Tea Pink

Tea Pink

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Never go to a salon jail again.

All of our powders are custom made. Achieve bright and vivid nails with our highly pigmented, ultra fine powders. If that's not enough, these powders can actually strengthen your nails too! You can dip your natural nails or use nail tips. 

✔ May be used up to 30+ sets

✔Can last 3-6 weeks without chipping

✔No UV/LED lamp needed

✔Remove it easily without damaging your nails


Perfect nails in minutes

Get the same long-lasting  manicures you love right from home for a fraction of the cost! Not to mention on your own schedule 

Light weight e Flexible

Our custom powder and liquid formation create high quality durable nails that are also lightweight and flexible. Wear them out get them wet and remove them when you want a new color 

Come Applicare lo Smalto in Polvere

Rimozione veloce e sicura

Come Rimuovere lo Smalto in Polvere

Vuoi cambiare colore? Segui questi semplici step per rimuovere lo smalto e riportare le tue unghie pulite e pronte per una nuova applicazione!