50 - Removal Pads
50 - Removal Pads

50 - Removal Pads

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  • Change color when you want
  • Does not damage the natural nail
  • Removal in 15 minutes

No decanting and no waste!

50 Pre-soaked Single-Dose Wipes to easily remove color from hands and feet. The single-dose package is ideal for keeping in your purse. The wipe is already soaked in just the right amount of lotion so you don't waste anything and avoid annoying decanting.

Color removal is also faster, as you only need to open each individual sachet, insert your finger and wait about 15 minutes to achieve complete nail polish removal.

Quantity: 50 Removal Pads.

*Warnings: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children, away from fire or heat sources. Avoid direct contact with sunlight.